Digitizing Service

I offer a complete package and all designs will be tested out fully before upload. I can provide files in most, if not all, of the common machine formats. Artwork must be a high quality image - photos of embroidered patterns are not good enough to use and will be rejected. Prices will be dependent on the intricacies and size of designs, and I will be happy to quote upon receipt of the artwork.

For all your digitizing needs, please contact me.

Detailed requirements for digitizing


  • An image file of what you want digitized and in one of the following formats in order of preference - Illustrator - AI, PNG, JPG, BMP. Images should be 300dpi or above.
  • The size or sizes of finished embroidery design file(s) you need (with hoop sizes if known).
  • The type and colour of fabric/item it will be stitched on.
  • The brand/type of embroidery machine that will be used and the number of needles it has per head and the stitch file format you need.
  • Any special instructions such as parts of the image that may be omitted or changed to accommodate thread and needle limitations.
  • Written permission to digitize the artwork if a copyrighted or trademarked item is part of the design.
  • Job deadline.
  • Rush jobs will incur a charge of £10.00, which may be waived if schedules permit.


Payment via Paypal, or bank transfer - details sent on acceptance of your order. I will also accept payment by cheque, but delivery will be delayed until your cheque clears.